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Controlled Burn: How to Intentionally Set Fire to Your Life & Find the Living Hidden Beneath

Controlled Burn: How to Intentionally Set Fire to Your Life & Find the Living Hidden Beneath

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Publication Date: March 7th, 2023
Jeremy Fiebig
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This is a book about fires - figuratively speaking.

The ones that entrance us. The ones that gather us. The ones that consume us.

The ones we find ourselves at the center of. The ones we set ourselves.

In this we can find the light to make our way to the Deep Work from personal crisis to self-renewal.

Controlled Burn is a part memoir, part DIY manual, part Call to Arms from Jeremy Fiebig. This offering both shares the author's journey and honors the one we all must take through thick forests and thin places to emerge as the one the world needs us to be.

In a departure from the usual self-help modalities, Fiebig offers us his journey of self-discovery and self-renewal through trauma and personal crisis to the rich possibilities of embodiment and creativity, first by examining what in our lives are on fire, and then inviting us to convert the destruction and danger of our fires to the creative, sustaining work of community, belonging, and art. A theatre artist, teacher, and "Renaissance man," Fiebig mixes big visuals with practical guides as he navigates issues from personal deconstruction to meditation, Alejandro Jodorowsky's Shamanism to church cathedrals, thin spaces to fairy tales, Carl Jung and active imagination to motivation and inspiration.

Controlled Burn moves from autobiography to workbook, prompting us along the way to form bodies of togetherness and transformation, envisioning a metaphorical "Bonfire Experience" as the place where our humanity is revealed -- and where the magic of our communities and selves may be truly known.