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Recaptioning Congo: African Stories and Colonial Pictures

Recaptioning Congo: African Stories and Colonial Pictures

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Publication Date: November 30th, 2022
Lannoo Publishers
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  • Congolese fiction and memoir writers, and everyday voices revisit the photographic archives of the colonial Congo
  • With contributions from celebrated authors such as Sinzo Aanza, Jean Bofane and Annie Lulu, e.a.
  • Based upon the extensive research of the colonial Congo's photographic history by Dr. Sandrine Colard

Recaptioning Congo places the colonial Congo's photography history in new perspectives. Six writers and everyday Congolese urban voices take an African-centered look at imperial archival images and provide them with creative, contemporary and/or literary 'captions'. The book, linked to an exhibition in the photography museum FOMU Antwerp, isbased upon the extensive research of the photographic history of colonial Congo (1885 - 1960), conducted by Dr. Sandrine Colard. It contains a wealth of revealing images that highlight the relationship between past and present, Africa and Europe and Belgium and Congo.

About the Author

Dr. Sandrine Colard (ed.) is an independent curator, a researcher, and a professor of art history at Rutgers University-Newark (New Jersey, USA). She is the recipient of multiple fellowships, such as the Ford Foundation, the musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, the Getty/ACLS fellowships, among others.