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Nina Simone in Comics! (NBM Comics Biographies)

Nina Simone in Comics! (NBM Comics Biographies)

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Publication Date: February 13th, 2024
NBM Publishing
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This is the story of an emancipation, that of a young black and poor woman living in an America marked by segregation.
This is the story of a fierce battle, that of a musician involved in the civil rights movement.
This is the story of a long career, that of a pianist and singer as talented as determined.
This is the story of Nina Simone, a unique artist, role model, and inspiration for generations to come.
Genius pianist, fabulous singer and committed artist, Nina Simone remains an inspiration for generations.

About the Author

Sophie Adriansen (born 1982 in Orlé ans) is a French writer, a member of the Socié té des gens de lettres and of the "Charte des auteurs et des illustrateurs jeunesse". She has written over 56 works, from novels to graphic novels to non-fiction and biographies including a non-comics biography of Nina Simone.

Praise for Nina Simone in Comics! (NBM Comics Biographies)

"This comprehensive and well-researched book intersperses concise graphic chapters with more detailed prose and doesn’t shy away from portraying her difficulties." —Booklist

"Nina Simone in Comics! is the engrossing graphic biography of a passionate performer." —Foreword

"…a great tribute to a musician who continues to attract new generations of listeners." —Broken Frontier

"It’s the best of the series to date." —The Slings and Arrows (

"This is one of those graphic biographies that will belong on every library collection that contains graphic non-fiction."—iCv2

"Adriansen skillfully weaves together the highs and lows of Simone’s life, portraying her as not just an artist but a symbol of resilience and determination." —Amsterdam News