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Hope Through the Fire

Hope Through the Fire

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Publication Date: January 15th, 2008
Outskirts Press
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A journey through mental illness--one woman speaks out

Sometimes reaching for hope is like reaching for a blade of grass in a blaze of fire. You may get burned. You may want more time for old wounds to heal. But you must reach in, and grasp the hope... and go on.

At times, five seconds feels like a million years. When you are battling your own mind, it becomes very confusing. I have been laughed at, ridiculed, raped and rejected. However, my faith has remained. This journey leads me--over and over--to God. I remember a verse in the Bible (Romans 15:13) "May the God of Hope fill you with all Joy and Peace as you trust in Him." It's hard work, but I am growing, day-bay-day, as I learn to trust Him. My world goes "round and round", and upside down, but I've found I can come to God in a very unique way. When I don't understand what is going on in my heart, or what is going on in my mind, I've found that He is there.