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The Stones of Yemen

The Stones of Yemen

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Publication Date: January 23rd, 2023
Mount Erie Press
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As the twenty-year anniversary of losing his father in the 9/11 disaster approaches, Bryan Rogers takes a sabbatical from his job as a Seattle neurosurgery PA to sail around the world. Halfway through his trip, he feels compelled to enter Yemen's bloody civil war to use his medical skills to save the children. A year into his peace mission, he stumbles on a terrorist plot that would eclipse the one that took his dad, and he is the only person that can thwart it; an around the world chase ensues.

The Stones of Yemen will carry the readers deep into Yemen's war-torn mountains and into the souls of the people who call it home. It is a story about bereavement. It is a story about romantic love, political hate, retribution, forgiveness, and hope told on the backdrop of a brutal war. A thinking man or woman's thriller, holding them on the edge of their seats, their minds and hearts fully engaged.