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About E&B

The Eagle & the Butterfly is an offering and an invitation years in the making, an emergent project in its earliest unfolding. It is a bookstore and. 
Thank you for being here in these very first days.

It is a search for blueprints to create new worlds and new ways of being in the world. New ways of doing business. 

Who are we when we make room for more questions? What do we see from the treetops that we can't see amidst the petals? What scents are lost high above that are richest close to the ground? What do we know when all of our senses are singing?

It is guided by my own questions and curiosities, as a middle-aged queer woman and granddaughter of European immigrants, hoping to live beyond these identities in a beyond-human world. With me I carry the questions and curiosities of those I've grown with in my 25+ years healing, studying and working in animal and human services fields. 

I invite you to bring your own inquiries, both superficial and profound. They're often one and the same. 

Each month's collection of books & word art and wisdom from around the world will be inspired by the sign of the zodiac our sun is moving through that month. Use it to connect to the part of you that resonates with that energy, knowing that the entire zodiac is in each one of us. 

The Eagle & the Butterfly is a bookstore and beyond. Soon it will include conversations, artwork, events, and experiences. I"ve called it a cosmic playlist of possibilities. A bridge between artists and ideas. A nudge to explore and connect to new becomings. A portal for learning, imagining, transforming and connecting: silently, aloud, in community. 

Expect change. Expect strange. Celebrate your wonder and let it guide you. Love your hunger and tend it with care. Turn a page and start again. And be in touch. <3


Lee-Ann Assalone, MSW, LSW

Bookseller, Somatic Social Worker and Healing Justice Advocate, Healing Artist / Practitioner

Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon, Aquarius Rising

25 January 2024

Two birds on a telephone wire against blue sky and cirrus clouds

This small offering is dedicated to my parents Joyce M. and the late Domenico D. 

Deep appreciation to Nancy Guerrera for the magical artwork and way with words. And to Dr. Charles Sutton of Indiana University for the tireless inspiration and motivation. Immense thanks as well go to Jamie Claybrooks, MLIS of Mountain View Elementary School, Dr. Tina Rahimi of, Gogo Lindy Masechaba, Billy Twymon of Twymon Art Gallery, Dr. Carmen Luca Sugawara of Indiana University School of Social Work, Irena Mikulic and Sanja Vukovic of PRONI Institute, Zoran Relic of SOS Children's Village Croatia, Jabulani Madlingozi, Dr. Kimberly George, Thobeka Poswa of TLP Services, Miguel Sanchez and colleagues at La Guarida Escuela Cooperativa, Kana Brown @according2kana, Mark Goltiao of Evansville Power Yoga, Darran Mosley of Misfit Karaoke, Samantha Eibling of Bloomington Yoga Collective, Coleman Stevenson of Dark Exact, Shayla Lawson @shaylalawson, Charlie Elbert-Burkemper, Juan Williams, LCSW, Daniel Kim, SEP, Dr. Chandra Werner, DVM and Reverend Angela Church of Southside Animal Hospital, Nazanin Oakley, Windi Wojdak, RVT, Caroline Koenig, Charlie Woodall and my clients at Here Too Healing Arts Services. Your instruction and guidance, support and inspiration, insights and courage are invaluable gifts. This project, along with the artists featured herein, is our co-creation.

Much thanks also to Maria Popova, for her dedication to her literary arts inquiry, BrainPickings, now The Marginalian, and for the inspiration to share in this way. And to those who over the years asked me for a book recommendation and received an enthusiastic boxful of them, thank you for the curation practice. 

Finally, deep gratitude goes to the non-human animals that have nurtured, taught and inspired me, and the lands and bodies of water, and the people that have stewarded them across time, that have supported and nurtured my growth and that of my ancestors: the mountains of the Province of Caserta, Italy and the coastline of County Cork, Ireland; the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and nearby fresh waters in Rhode Island, USA, the trees and river of the Ohio valley in Indiana & Kentucky, USA, the hills, mountains and beaches of Santa Cruz County, California, USA, the Drava River in Osijek, Croatia, Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, and the coastlines, mountains and valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico. Whatever comes through me belongs to these places.



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